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Daniel Family Cemetery & History

The earliest recorded owner of the property was Colonel Gerared Fowke. In 1662, Fowke deeded the land to Rawleigh Travers whose Daughter married Peter Daniel.

The Travers-Daniel family owned the land for 200 years, building the establishment up to a large plantation on the Eastern portion. The plantation was full of livestock and game fowl and had a tannery, a blacksmith, a show and textile shops, as well as a trading vessel named the “Crow.”

Travers started a tobacco plantation that was expanded by his descendants. The “Crow” transported the tobacco and many manufactured goods to and from Europe.

In 1862, during the Civil War, Union troops saw the Peninsula as a perfect observation point and confiscated the land in order to watch the activities on Potomac Creek.

Ownership after the Civil War is not well documented, but there are indications that Gustevus Wallace and his family lived on the property until 1905. County records show that from 1905 – 1989 land ownership changed 14 times.

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